Knowledge Base: FAQ

  • Why cannot Google robots access scripts?

    We have configured our CDN domain that we use for tracking scripts so that it is not available for search engine bots, including Google. Blocking search bots from domains that serve tracking scripts is best practice according to Google and other companies, because otherwise - if we would allow bots to crawl these scripts and it would result in unreliable statistics for our clients.

    This has no effect on website using these scripts, it is just a simple way to block bot access. 

    How does it look like in Google Search Console?

    If you check any website in Google Search Console

  • How to set a cookie for visitors, who filled out lead (email) banner?

    Please place a HTML element in 2nd step of lead (email) banner in Ad Editor, and use this code to set a cookie:

    From this example:

    mt_subscribed = cookie name, can change according to your needs

    1 = cookie value

    By using this code all visitors who will fill out the banner and get to 2nd step, will get a cookie.

    Later you can use this cookie to target (or exclude) these visitors from other campaigns.

  • How to hide/skip 2nd step a lead (email) banner

    Please place HTML code element in the 2nd step of banner, and then use this HTML code:

    If this code is used, then after user fills out form, the 2nd step of banner will automatically be hidden (banner will close itself).

  • How to add a transparent banner?

    1. Prepare a PNG format banner that is transparent - an example below:

    2. Upload it as standard banner 

    3. Click "Edit"


    4. Go to "Background" section in Ad Editor

    5. Choose "Transparent" option and save the banner.

    6. Click on "Preview" to make sure - it looks like you wanted:

  • How to use Cookie targeting?

    There are many ways how you could use Cookie targeting, but the main requirement to use this feature - your website needs to set cookies for visitors, when specific conditions are met. So that later you could target these visitors based on cookie names and values. One example below:

    Target visitors based on traffic source

    1. Adding UTM parameters to landing page URLs

    If you are running advertisement campaigns in different websites (Forbes, Business Insider, etc.) then the best practice is to add UTM parameters for your landing page URL, so that later you can analyze results in Google Analytics based on

  • How to open link in a new tab?

    1. Open your banner in Ad Editor, select "Elements" menu 

    2. Click "Add HTML" button


    3. Edit HTML code


    Delete the the old HTML code:  "<p>Your HTML here</p>"

    And replace it with following code (just change to your own link):

    4. Save banner

    That is it! Now if someone will click on banner, the link you specified in HTML code, will open in a new tab.

  • How to see MaxTraffic data in Google Analytics?

    Where is MaxTraffic data?

    MaxTraffic is logging data in Google Analytics by using Events. To see this data, go to:

    Behavior > Events > Overview

    The default report will look something like this:

    How to get more detailed event info?

    In the bottom of report, you can see Event Category:


    But you can also switch to Event Action - now you will see Impressions, Leads, Clicks from MaxTraffic banners.

    You can also go to Event Label - and here you will see all banners that got impressions:


    Now you can go into more details by generating reports that you are

  • What if you get hacked?

    If we were hacked, also our reputation would be damaged and we might loose many clients, so this is a big risk for us. That is why we take security seriously and do what we can to minimise such risk.

    Security audits

    We cooperate with several independent security specialists from - who test our platform and provide feedback on any issues they see as potential vulnerabilities. 

    Experienced team

    Before working on MaxTraffic our team - including CEO, CTO and server admin are all experienced with building and maintaining similar projects - ad networks and other systems that track or

  • How to create custom subscribe banner?

    You can create a custom email subscribe banner in 2 ways - the simplest would be to select any of existing email subscribe templates, and then edit them - you can remove or change texts, upload images, etc. Or if you want to start completely from scratch, follow these steps below:

    1. Click on "Upload new Ad"

    2. Choose "Upload email subscribe banner"

    3. Select file, upload your banner. System will place default texts and buttons on your design:

    4. Delete elements that you don't need, move buttons to correct places:

    5. Switch to "Step 2: Thank You" tab, upload image for this step and

  • How does Exit Intent work?

    Our Exit Intent technology is optimized for different browsers and we take into account several things, for example:

    • mouse speed and direction
    • system checks, how many tabs are opened and if visitor has several tabs opened from the same site, then we don't show the Exit Intent when visitor closes other tabs, we show it - only when visitor is about to leave the last tab
    • it also checks if you just opened the site and moved mouse out of active window by mistake,
    • for mobile visitors we can also trigger Exit Intent overlays when they scroll to the address
  • What are the requirements for banners?

    Platform supports PNG, JPG and GIF file formats. Animated GIF images can be used. We suggest always using PNG banners because they do not loose quality upon upload. As for size – we suggest using large banner sizes. Some of the recommended sizes are – 970x550, 640x360, 600x600, 580x460. Different images should be used for tablet and smartphone campaigns. For tablet campaigns recommended image sizes are - 640x360, 600x600, 580x460. Images larger than 700px in width should not be used. For smartphone campaigns we recommend using images with size 320x320 or 320x480.

  • Will my website slow down with MaxTraffic?

    No, it will not. Performance is among our top priorities, we have tested MaxTraffic on multiple high traffic websites. Our script is asynchronous and all image ads are served from CDN.

  • Is it possible to remove MaxTraffic logo from ads I show?

    We will remove MaxTraffic branding when you choose subscription plan “Plus”.

  • Will I see sales from MaxTraffic in my Google Analytics statistics?

    Exit popups and Promo bars are not bringing you new visits, but working to get more conversions from existing ones. So this is why we consider those "assisted conversions". Below I have described how we track track results with Google Analytics on our own projects.

    Google Analytics Events

    First we pass data about when ads by MaxTraffic are showed and clicked. You can see this information as Events in your Google Analytics (GA) reports.

    Navigate to Behaviour > Events and you will see event category "MaxTraffic".

    Event labels will be your campaign names as on MaxTraffic platform, activity will be either "Impression"

  • Where can I see my new email subscribers from MaxTraffic campaigns?

    In case you are using a script from your email marketing service, all your new subscribers will automatically be stored in a list of your service provider. If you are using our built-in form, you can access a CSV file with all subscribers from your dashboard.

    3-6-1. Export subscribers

  • How to use targeting by URL?

    When you use targeting by URL, the platform looks at your website address. It looks at any symbols and matches them exactly as they appear in address bar.


    Targeting home page

    Look at your website address when in homepage. In most aces it will look something like this:

    To target campaigns to appear only on home page, leave targeting field blank

    or just add "/"

    Same way you can exclude campaign from appearing in home page.


    Targeting specific language

    For multilingual sites you will want to show different ads to visitors browsing your site in different languages. Look for