Knowledge Base: Examples, demo, ideas

  • Promo Bar examples

    Redirect traffic to your discounts section

    Provide discount coupons

    Promote special deals

    Provide important information

    Gather leads

    Grow your newsletter

  • Mobile campaign ideas

    1. Subscribe to newsletter

    2. Download mobile app

    3. Offer help

    4. Show promotions

    5. Show Top products

  • Exit Intent ideas for e-commerce

    1. Shopping Cart 

    1.1. Offer a discount code when visitor is about to leave:

    1.2. Offer a discount code for free shipping:

    1.3. Show a limited time discount:

    1.4. Remind about return policy:


    2. Newsletter

    2.1. Offer a coupon code for subscribing to newsletter:

    2.2. Ask to subscribe to latest news:


    3. Frontpage, categories or products

    3.1. Show the top promotions & discounts:

    3.2. Show the most popular products:


    3.3. Offer a discount for first purchase:


     4. Registration Form

    4.1. If it is possible to purchase products without signing up, remind about that:

  • Exit Intent ideas for loans, lending

    1. Special offers

    1.1. Set up a competition, where winner will get a SPA treatment, iPad or some other prize:

    1.2. Set up a competition, where winner's loan will be paid back. 



    2. Registration

    2.1. Ask to finish registration, show value proposition.



    3. Show value proposition

    3.1. Remind why so many others have joined your platform:

    3.2. Do you have the best interest rate? Or best rating as service provider? Show the comparison:

    4. Offer different help options

    4.1. Different messages based on time of the day (during office hours and after):


    5. Other ideas

    Short term loans

    • Fast and easy loan
  • Exit Intent ideas for SaaS, other businesses

    1. Software as a Service

    1.1. Remind about the value you offer & ask to check out the demo:

    1.2. Offer free e-book in exchange for visitor subscribing to your newsletter:

    1.3. Traffic redirect 

    2. Healthcare

    2.1. Offer a free consultation:

    2.2. Remind about prices and offer to get a quote: