Knowledge Base: MaxTraffic integration for SPA

  • How to integrate MaxTraffic in SPA (single-page application)?

    To be able to use MaxTraffic with your SPA website you will have to insert three JavaScript codes on your website:

    1. Tracking code: it allows us to track your visitor behavior and show them messages. Place our Tracking code across all pages of your website.

    2. Conversion code: this script allows us to track conversions. Place our Conversion code on the "Thank you" page where the visitor will be taken after successfully completing a purchase.

    3. SPA specific code: this code is used only for websites using SPA technology. You need to execute it each time a visitor clicks on a link inside

  • Advanced visitor segmentation for Overlays, Promo Bars in SPA

    Sometimes you have specific information about your visitors. That can be used for ad targeting if you can pass this data on to the MaxTraffic platform. 

    With a tiny JavaScript snippet, you can give us the information about your visitor status, history or activities on the page. Some potential segments that could be used for targeting: - Visitor has products in his shopping cart - Cart total amount is below 50€ (maybe you have a free shipping for larger orders) - Visitor has logged in - Visitor is a female / male - Visitor has not signed up for your newsletter You