What if you get hacked?

If we were hacked, also our reputation would be damaged and we might loose many clients, so this is a big risk for us. That is why we take security seriously and do what we can to minimise such risk.

Security audits

We cooperate with several independent security specialists from https://hackerone.com - who test our platform and provide feedback on any issues they see as potential vulnerabilities. 

Experienced team

Before working on MaxTraffic our team - including CEO, CTO and server admin are all experienced with building and maintaining similar projects - ad networks and other systems that track or support several million visitors per month, and where it is critical to have no downtime. 

Fast response

In case something would happen, we would be able to solve the issue very fast. We have 1 primary server administrator, and another one, who we would be able to call 24/7 just in case the first server administrator is not available in an urgent situation.
Also everything can be changed/fixed by our developers, and even if our servers would go offline, it would not impact page load speed in client site, because we use async code for our scripts.

Mitigating risk

To mitigate risk of someone hacking our platform and planting malware, we suggest to use Google Tag Manager to add our codes. This is a product from Google and it has built in Malware detection and would block any malware, more info here: https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/6328489?hl=en
Someone might also hack Google Tag Manager system, but there is much smaller chance of that happening.

Contacts in case of an urgent situation

If there is an urgent situation, feel free to contact our CEO any time:
Phone: +371 26400379
Skype: kristaps_mors
Email: kristaps@maxtraffic.com