Integrating Push Notifications

1. Add MaxTraffic Tracking code

If you have just created an account and have not used Exit Popups or other products before, then you need to integrate our tracking code in all pages.

More info here: 

2. Upload files to your website.

Go to Settings > Websites

Then click on Get Codes

Then click on "Push Files" and download .zip file: it will contain 3 files that need to be placed on your website root folder. If you have copied files to root folder, then you should be able to access the sw-mt.js file by opening (just replace with your own domain).

3. Enable opt-in

Go to Settings > Website Settings > Push Messaging, and set "Push enabled" checkbox and click Save button.


4. Check if your site has HTTPS?

Native Push notifications will work only if your website by default is using HTTPS connection. If you enter in browser, it should redirect to the HTTPS version of your site, so that URL starts with: https://
If your website does not have HTTPS, please contact your IT team and ask them to enable it. These links might help:
If your site supports HTTPS, then also make sure it is marked in Settings > Website Settings > Push Messaging > HTTPS
If your site does not have support for HTTPS, then you will need to uncheck the "My website has HTTPS" checkbox, and enter a subdomain that we will use to collect your Push subscribers:

Any questions?

Write to, Skype: kristaps_mors