Knowledge Base: Exit Intent Popups

  • How to add discount code?

    Step 1: upload your banner and open it in Ad Editor

    Step 2: Go to "Elements" section and click on "20%OFF" (discount code widget) in Ad Editor

    That is it - now you can configure colors and other settings:

    How will it work?

    If you use a discount code element in a banner, then after visitor will close this banner, he will still be able to see the discount code in a small Ribbon in the bottom of site. 

    In case you also use a countdown timer, then after closing banner, small Ribbon will show both - discount code and also time

  • How to use dynamic content in Exit Intent popups?

    1. Passing dynamic info

    You can pass dynamic variables to our platform within our script. To do that, you need to define all the needed variables and assign values to them in our tracking script. For example, if your website ID is 999, then by default the tracking script would look like this:


    And if you would like to pass dynamic variables, then you can do that with help of "dynamic_field". An example below:

      You can create unlimited amount of these dynamic fields, and they will be passed to Exit Intent banners.

    2. Showing dynamic info in banner

    When you create a banner,
  • What are Exit Intent Popups?

    Exit Intent popups are simple popups that appear just as your visitors are about to leave. Exit popups have changed the way we fight website and shopping cart abandonment. They provide an effective new opportunity to re-engage visitors and catch their attention before they leave your website.

    By showing a compelling motivating message, abandoning visitors can be persuaded to return to your site and make a purchase. Exit Intent technology is so effective because it is based on visitor psychology and pre-established knowledge of visitor behavior.

    The benefits of Exit Intent technology are nearly immediate. Your site will experience a higher

  • Campaign summary

    In campaign summary page you can see all the stats about selected campaign. You will see stats, graph, campaign targeting settings and linked ads.

    Campaign summary

  • Simple and Advanced campaign setup

    We have 2 "modes" for campaign setup. By default you will have "Simple mode" enabled. This means that you only need to enter a campaign name (that will only be visible for you) and upload or create an ad and you are good to go. This ad will be shown once to every visitor that intends to leave your site.

    On top right corner you can switch to "Advanced" mode with 3 steps that allow many more settings to fine tune your campaigns.
    (You can also switch "Advanced" mode to be your default one in "Website settings")

  • Step 1.

    To create a campaign click the button “Add Exit Popup” in the top left corner of corresponding dashboard.

    Add campaign

    The first step is where you set basic campaign settings:
    - Input your campaign name. We recommend choosing a name that you can easily relate to. Use unique campaign names. If you have campaigns in different languages or for different devices you can indicate that in a campaign name.
    - Choose if the campaign will be ongoing or scheduled (with a set start and end date).
    - Choose if you want to show this campaign to visitors from all locations

  • Step 2.

    In the second step you will set targeting options for campaigns.

    Targeting visitors

    “Show campaign on” allows targeting campaigns to visitors from desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

    “Show campaigns to” allows targeting either 
    - "Visitors who are about to leave your site". This is where we use Exit Intent technology to detect which visitors are about to leave. If you choose this option banner will be show to visitors who move their cursor out of the browser pane.
    - "All incoming visitors". This option allows to show ad to any visitor opening your site. Targeted visitors can be narrowed with other targeting options

  • Step 3.

    In this step you can create the message that will be shown in campaign.

    Upload, select or create ads

    To add new banner to you campaign click on “Upload New Ad”. Then click or drag your image to "Uplaod standard banner" or "Upload email subscribe banner" (the second option allows to create simple forms on top of your design).
    If you wish to use a banner that has been used in other campaigns click on “Choose existing Ad”. Click on ad (or ads) that you want to use and click "Select".

    To create banners you can also use our built-in

  • Step 4.

    On the final step of campaign set-up you can change settings for conversion tracking.

    Conversion settings

    If you implemented our conversion tracking code you may click “Save campaign” here.

    If you click on “Show Advanced Options” you will see one additional setting for campaigns.
    It is ment for sites that have multiple types of conversions, i.e. sign-ups and purchases.
    You can choose the “Conversion type” to be either “Conversion” or “Lead”. Each conversion type uses its own tracking code, which is displayed below the dropdown.

    Advanced conversion settings

    If you have not implemented our conversion code in your site this is where