Knowledge Base: MaxTraffic Platform

  • What is MaxTraffic?

    MaxTraffic is a platform that helps you to turn your leaving visitors into customers. With MaxTraffic you can engage visitors just before they leave your site. By showing the right marketing message or reminder you can easily turn them into customers.

    At the moment we offer 3 tools for that: 1) Web Push Notifications 2) Exit Intent popups 3) Promotion bars

  • Working with platform

    After logging in, you will see a dashboard. If you already have some active campaigns, you will see stats about them. On our platform, a campaign is defined as a set of rules that determine when, where and what ad will be shown to a visitor.

    1-2-1. MaxTraffic dashboard

    At the top right corner, you will see a filter to choose the time period of displayed data. By default, we show statistics about the ongoing month.

    1-2-2. Filter to select time period

    In the table below graph, you will see stats for your campaigns – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, etc. For

  • All About Conversions

    We have 3 types of conversions:

    Leads. These are your email subscribers or leads that you get with forms on our platform.

    View-Through-Conversions (VTC). Conversions that happened after visitor saw the ad, but did not react on it.

    Click-Through-Conversions (CTC). Conversions that happened after visitor saw and clicked the ad.


    All our conversions are counted only within the same session (30 minutes). If a visitor saw an ad, clicked on it and left your site only to come back later and complete the purchase - we will not count that as a conversion for MaxTraffic.

  • Implementing codes

    How to place the MaxTraffic codes into a website?

    To be able to use MaxTraffic with your site you will have to insert two JavaScript codes on your website:

    1. Tracking code: it allows us to track your visitor behavior and show them messages. Place our Tracking code across all pages of your website.

    2. Conversion code: this script allows us to track conversions. Place our Conversion code on the "Thank you" page where the visitor will be taken after successfully completing a purchase.

    We suggest placing these codes before the closing </body> tag.

    You can also use Google Tag Manager.

    Where do I

  • Advanced visitor segmentation

    Sometimes you have specific information about your visitors. That can be used for ad targeting if you can pass this data on to the MaxTraffic platform. 

    With a tiny JavaScript snippet, you can give us the information about your visitor status, history or activities on the page. Some potential segments that could be used for targeting: - Visitor has products in his shopping cart - Cart total amount is below 50€ (maybe you have a free shipping for larger orders) - Visitor has logged in - Visitor is a female / male - Visitor has not signed up for your newsletter You

  • Settings

    In this section you can: - add new websites or edit the existing ones - change your login information (email, password) - set up or change your billing information

    1-5-1. Settings

    In the subsection Websites, you can add or edit your websites. When you start using MaxTraffic, your first website will already be included here. If you wish to use MaxTraffic with multiple websites, you can add them here. When adding or editing a website you can change several settings: - Change the currency. By default we use €. - Turn on/off the simple mode for campaign setup. - Turn

  • Affiliate program

    Get paid by sharing MaxTraffic with your network!

    Do you have a strong network of small business contacts? Joining our Affiliate program is a great way to generate extra revenue. Our Affiliate program is easy, flexible, and completely free. We offer substantial compensation for every subscriber you draw to MaxTraffic. There’s no quota and no limit on the number of subscribers you provide – the more you provide, the more you earn! In the Affiliate section you will find your unique affiliate link. Use that to promote MaxTraffic!