Working with platform

After logging in, you will see a dashboard.
If you already have some active campaigns, you will see stats about them.
On our platform, a campaign is defined as a set of rules that determine when, where and what ad will be shown to a visitor.

1-2-1. MaxTraffic dashboard

At the top right corner, you will see a filter to choose the time period of displayed data. By default, we show statistics about the ongoing month.

1-2-2. Filter to select time period

In the table below graph, you will see stats for your campaigns – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions, etc.
For your convenience, you can use a filter to only "Active", "Pending" or "Completed" campaigns.

1-2-3. Filter to select campaign status

By hovering a campaign you can access options to "Preview" campaign ad, "Pause" or "Resume" campaign, "Edit" or "Duplicate" it.

1-2-4. Campaign options

By clicking on campaign's name you will go to a campaign summary page.