What are Exit Intent Popups?

Exit Intent popups are simple popups that appear just as your visitors are about to leave. Exit popups have changed the way we fight website and shopping cart abandonment. They provide an effective new opportunity to re-engage visitors and catch their attention before they leave your website.

By showing a compelling motivating message, abandoning visitors can be persuaded to return to your site and make a purchase. Exit Intent technology is so effective because it is based on visitor psychology and pre-established knowledge of visitor behavior.

The benefits of Exit Intent technology are nearly immediate. Your site will experience a higher conversion rate, lower bounce rate, increased sales, and higher average cart sizes. Newsletter bases grow more rapidly when spurred by Exit Intent technology!

Here’s How Exit Intent Pop-Ups Work

Track visitor behavior Detect Intention to Leave Display Targeted Offer
When a visitor lands on your website, MaxTraffic begins tracking that visitor's mouse movement, velocity and other behaviors. Our visitor behavior knowledge algorithm together with Exit Intent technology allows MaxTraffic to determine the exact moment when a visitor is about to leave your site Once the intention to leave has been detected, MaxTraffic displays a targeted offer to your visitor. This gives you the ability to either capture a new lead or gain a sale.

Are there any conditions, when Exit Intent popup is not triggered?

Exit Intent popups are trigered, when there is clear movement to upper side of browser AND movement needs to be with enough length - that is how we determine the intent to Exit.

  • Exit Intent popup is not triggered, when there are several tabs opened (only on the last opened tab of website)
  • Exit Intent popup is not triggered, if there have been very few mouse movements in website (for example, user moved mouse from address bar to the top of website and back)
  • Depending on Exit Popup campaign targeting settings, Exit Intent popup might not be shown to a visitor (for example, he does not match GEO, URL or any other targeting settings)