Implementing codes

How to place the MaxTraffic codes in website?

To be able to use MaxTraffic with your site you will have to insert 2 JavaScript codes in your website:

1. Tracking code: it allows us to track your visitor behaviour and show them messages. Place our Tracking code across all pages of your website.

2. Conversion code: this script allows us to track conversions. Place our Conversion code on the "Thank you" page where visitor has successfully completed the purchase.

We suggest placing these codes before the closing </body> tag.

You can also use Google Tag Manager.

Where do I get MaxTraffic codes?

1. Log in into your account in using email and password that was sent to your email.

2. Go to Settings > Websites

3. Click on "MaxTraffic tracking code" button 

4. Now you will see both JavaScript codes that you can send to person, who is responsible for adding these codes in website.

How to pass conversion ID and conversion amount to MaxTraffic?

Place our Conversion code on the page where visitor has successfully completed the action you intended them to complete. Usually this is a "Thank you" page after completed purchase.

Notice that this script has 2 variables that you should pass to MaxTraffic.
In "conversion_id" pass unique ID. Usually this is the order or purchase ID.
In "conversion_amount" pass the total value of conversion without any currency symbols.

Do I need to place these codes if I use a Shopify, Magento or Wordpress plugin?

Shopify: In case you are using our Shopify app, scripts are automatically implemented.

Magento: Plugin for Magento also does this automatically.

Wordpress: Our Wordpress plugin automatically implements Tracking code (but not Conversion code), so you need to add conversion code manually.