Step 3.

In this step you can create the message that will be shown in campaign.

Upload, select or create ads

To add new banner to you campaign click on “Upload New Ad”. Then click or drag your image to "Uplaod standard banner" or "Upload email subscribe banner" (the second option allows to create simple forms on top of your design).
If you wish to use a banner that has been used in other campaigns click on “Choose existing Ad”. Click on ad (or ads) that you want to use and click "Select".

To create banners you can also use our built-in ad editor by clicking on any of our templates and making your changes.

If you select multiple banners for one campaign we will commit an A/B test. i.e. platform will show different ads to different visitors, evaluate the results of each ad and finally only the best performing ad will stay active. 

A/B testing