In this section you can:
- add new websites or edit the existing ones
- change your login information (email, password)
- set up or change your billing information

1-5-1. Settings

In the subsection Websites, you can add or edit your websites. When you start using MaxTraffic, your first website will already be included here.
If you wish to use MaxTraffic with multiple websites, you can add them here. When adding or editing a website you can change several settings:
- Change the currency. By default we use €.
- Turn on/off the simple mode for campaign setup.
- Turn on/off the limitation of one “Exit intent” campaign per one session.
- Add your API keys for "Mailchimp" or "Mailigen" marketing services.

1-5-2. Add new website

By clicking on the button “MaxTraffic tracking code” you will see code scripts that can be used for linking the website with our platform.
You will also see an indicator that tells you if the script has been added and the campaign is ready to be shown to visitors.

1-5-3. Tracking scripts

After login, the dashboard will show you the website that was last viewed on the platform. If you have multiple websites added to MaxTraffic, you will be able to switch between them in a drop-down menu located in the top area of the platform.
Each website has its own campaigns and its own dashboard.

1-5-4. Selecting a website

In the subsection Account, you can:
- change contact person name, email and password
- change time zone for the account (this affects scheduled campaigns)
- add an additional email where the weekly reports will be sent to

1-5-5. Account settings

In the subsection Payment method, you can add or change the credit card that we will be charging. We are using Braintree to handle our payments.

1-5-6. Payment method